MCM Festival April 10 – 19, 2015


Dear Music Teacher;

Once again, Musical Celebration Musicale (MCM) is offering a Music Festival, April 10-19, 2015. This event gives all music students the opportunity to perform, receive an adjudication and perhaps win a scholarship, regardless of their age or level.   MCM is proud to be a member of the “Ontario Music Festival Association.”

Teachers are responsible for placing their students in appropriate grade levels. Also in the Piano categories, you will notice that Introductory is now referred to as Intro/Prep B to reflect the changes to the RCM Syllabus.

Adults are welcome to participate if they would like to be a part of this festival experience.

These changes reflect the awareness of the growing need for performance venues for everyone in the Eastern Ontario Region. As well, we include the Creative Choice Category which provides opportunities to students with instruments or styles that do not fall within any particular existing category. Please review the Guidelines and Syllabus carefully in order that your students do not miss out on any opportunity.

During the 2014 Festival, $11,085 in scholarships was provided to worthy students with the help of many donors, both private and corporate.  MCM remains committed to providing scholarships to students. We would appreciate contact information for any person or organization you think would help us.

Please refer to the syllabus, registration form and guidelines for full event details.  Every attempt has been made to keep the festival as open and accessible to as many students as possible. Everyone is welcome.  If you know of someone teaching music in your area, please let them know about MCM. This is a wonderful way to encourage your students to perform and to be exposed to the other students in the area that are also involved in music.

You are welcome to direct questions to any one of the members of “Musical Celebration Musicale” or contact the Registrar:

Elita Primeau, Registrar MCM  Festival
664 Boundary Road Alfred ON K0B1A0
Email elitaprimeau@hotmail.ca
Tel: 613 673 2845


Please join us this year for an exciting way to celebrate music!


Gabrielle Campbell – 613-525-0516 mabouer@hotmail.com

Elita Primeau – 613-673-2845  elitaprimeau@hotmail.ca

Mark Summers
Scott Campbell
Isabelle Tremblay-Summers
Randy Pacaud