Festival Guidelines

Guidelines 2018

1.  Registrations are due by February 15, 2018.  All entries must be mailed to the Registration Committee at the address below. Please make all cheques payable to “Musical Celebration Musicale”.

 2.  Fees for each entry will be as listed in the syllabus :

a. solos – $15

b. duets, concert group and ensembles of 10 participants or less – $20

c. categories “Beyond Diploma” – $30

d. ensembles of 11 or more participants and all choirs – $30.


3.  Students of all ages and from all regions are welcome to enter.


4.Any students entering Grade 7 and higher levels and who aspire to qualify for the provincial level of competition should be aware that they are required to be of amateur status, live in Ontario, or have a teacher that resides in Ontario.


5.  Participants may choose their repertoire from any source including present or past editions of the Toronto Royal Conservatory Music Syllabus or the Conservatory Canada Syllabus. Teachers are responsible for entering students in the appropriate grade level. Those students in Grade 7 and up wishing to be eligible to continue to the Provincial Festival must choose their repertoire from the current Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus or the Conservatory Canada Syllabus. Those entering the Popular Piano Category may choose any popular or jazz style piece. For guidelines in choosing appropriately graded repertoire, you may use the “Toronto Royal Conservatory Popular Piano Syllabus” available on-line at www.rcmexaminations.org or the new “Contemporary Idioms Syllabus” from Conservatory Canada, also available on-line at www.conservatorycanada.ca.


6.  Participants may enter 2 consecutive grade levels in any category:  their own grade and the grade above OR the grade below.


7.  Participants may only perform any particular piece once – they may not enter the same piece in two separate categories.


8.  Vocalists and string players must provide their own accompanist.


9.  Where there is more than one participant in any category, the adjudicator will assign a placement of first, second or third. For the purpose of awarding scholarships or bursaries, in the event that there is only one participant in a category, that participant will be considered as having won first place.


10.  The adjudicator’s decision is final.


11.  Participants will receive:

a. An adjudication including a mark

b. In some cases, scholarships or bursaries as indicated in the program.


12.  Teachers are requested to forward the following information to their students:

a. Arrive 10 minutes before their performance time

b. Bring an original copy of their music with them for the adjudicator – NO PHOTOCOPIES.

c. Memorize the piece of music they are performing. Participation is still encouraged if student has been unable to memorize.  Strings are not required to memorize Sonatas.

d. be positive and encouraging to everyone’s music making


13.  When in doubt – ask your Registrar for clarification.  “Musical Celebration Musicale” reserves the right to amend these guidelines as necessary to address situations that may arise in the course of registration or during the Festival itself.



Registrar:  Mrs. Elita Primeau

664 Boundary Road

Alfred ON



Email: elitaprimeau@hotmail.ca